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Corporate Training



Mandatory payments to PFRON arising from not employing people with disabilities and ways to reduce payments:



  • Establishing employment status.
  • Employment rate of people with disabilities (responsibilities and privileges of the employer).
  • Calculating payments for PFRON.
  • Way of filling declaration of payments DEK-I-0,
  • Way of filling information about being exempt from payments of INF-1;


Employment of disabled persons (statutory possibilities of workplaces creation);



  • Work time,
  • employment on the principle of telework,
  • adaptation of the workplace,
  • statutory responsibilities and privileges of an employer employing persons with disabilities,


Additional privileges of disabled worker:



  • right to shorter working hours,
  • right to additional holiday leave
  • right to use sick leaves from work, etc.


Statutory tools to promote employment of people with disabilities:



  • monthly grant to pay the disabled worker- SODiR;
  • registration and certification employer in PFRON;
  • registration documents of the employer;
  • amount of financial compensation (analysis based on the extent and type of disability);
  • reimbursement for adaptation and the creation of workstations for persons with disabilities;
  • reimbursement for training for disabled workers;
  • reimbursement of expenses for support person of disabled worker (professional assistant)

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