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Eurokadra offers unique on Polish market temporary employment and outsourcing franchise system. Sales offices operating on these principles are already in Koszalin, Lublin, Sopot and Wroclaw.


Cooperation with the franchisee covers the following areas:



What do franchisee gain?


  • Tested brand and clearly defined rules

    By working with the Eurokadra group, franchisee will conduct its business under the name of well-known and valued brand in the market. The franchise system is the first of its kind, an innovative project in the field of temporary work, consulting and outsourcing in Poland. The principles of cooperation and settlement system are clearly defined, and costs incurred to start up returning max after 18 month.
  • Support in activity

    Franchisee under the care Eurokadra achieves several benefits associated with the development of its activities. First of all, gains support of experienced in the market partner. Numerous initial training and courses provide him with substantive preparation to run the facility. Can also count on the assistance thereafter, factual and legal custody from Eurokadra.

  • Greater possibilities

    Conducting facility under the brand Eurokadra provides possibilities that are not available for other smaller companies engaged in this type of agencies. Access to unique services and products Eurokadra, the prospect of operating central Eurokadra projects locally and exclusivity to operate Eurokadra in a given location is a simple way to develop and reference significant market success. The franchisee also has the opportunity to participate in marketing and promotional activities Eurokadra supporting also development of the local facilities. Each institution can franchise can continue to grow and provide optimal functioning of the facility due to flow of tested know-how.



Additional information:


The condition posed to franchisees is to launch facility in place with an area of about 30m2 located in a high-traffic public place and at the same time easily accessible and visible. Lack of experience in the industry not prevent from commencement of operations. The basic requirement however are hard work, commitment to the project and the desire to develop. 


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