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How much does a warehouseman earn? – job description, earnings, duties


Warehouseman – job description

This is a physical worker who supervises and keeps order so that the warehouse can function properly. The job requires physical fitness, responsibility and divided attention. It is a profession mainly for men, but women are increasingly choosing to take up such work.

Almost every commercial sector needs this type of worker, making them increasingly in demand. How much does a warehouseman earn and what are his duties?

Warehouseman’s duties

The basis of the warehouseman’s work is:

  • receiving, distribution of goods,
  • monitoring of warehouse stocks,
  • operation of information systems,
  • labelling of cartons and products,
  • preparing orders,
  • receiving and handling complaints,
  • checking the conformity of deliveries,
  • operation of technical equipment,
  • compliance with health and safety rules,
  • maintaining order,
  • packaging management,
  • making improvements to the storage system, 
  • cooperation with suppliers,
  • maintenance of stock records,
  • compliance with storage periods,
  • proper storage of goods, protection against fire, flooding, etc.

How much does a warehouseman earn?

Warehouse work is very common, through the growing demand for workers. If you are reading this text, you are certainly interested in how much a warehouse worker earns.

The earnings of a warehouse worker vary widely. How much a warehouse worker earns depends on the size of the company, where you work, your experience and the qualifications you have. The average earnings of a warehouseman range from PLN 3,500 to 4,500 gross. However, the most rewarding earnings are if you have special skills. How much does a warehouse forklift operator earn? A person in this position can earn up to: PLN 5,000 gross, but must have special qualifications. In many companies you can also count on additional benefits in the form of bonuses and additional benefits.

How much does a warehouseman earn depending on the position?

  • Warehouse manager: 4900 zł – 10 000 zł gross
  • Logistician: 3500 zł – 10 000 zł gross
  • Freight forwarder: 3900 zł – 7500 zł gross
  • Foreman: 4000 zł – 6500 zł gross
  • Forklift operator: 3600 zł – 9000 zł gross

Warehouseman – what the job entails, requirements

Warehouse work does not require an education. People after a vocational or secondary school education can apply. Both men and women. The work mainly consists of handling cardboard boxes and is carried out in a sitting and standing position.

Depending on the type of warehouse, it is advisable to use different devices. These can be simple devices such as a computer, a scanner or complex computer systems that record the stock. Special machines are also used to facilitate the work, such as a lift truck or forklift. People who want to work as a forklift operator must obtain special licenses and medical examinations. The same is true for working in a food warehouse. To work there, tests for carrying infectious and parasitic diseases are needed. In modern, automated warehouses, the ability to operate overhead cranes, racking stacker cranes will be useful. Sometimes a category B driving license is also needed.

The warehouseman should know the regulations and standards for goods, transport, inventory. In addition to this, he or she should be familiar with warehouse record-keeping and the proper storage and protection of goods.

The work of a warehouseman takes place in warehouses, halls, warehouses, back rooms and even combines with an office. They can be open, closed, underground, ventilated or at a specific temperature. It all depends on the goods being stored.

You will usually work independently, but are often required to work in a group or directly with clients. The average duration of such work is 8-10 hours per day, but often in shifts and at weekends. 

Working on high shelves or on an uneven surface can be dangerous.  Great emphasis is therefore placed on health and safety principles. 

What qualities a warehouseman should have

A good warehouseman should be characterized by:

  • responsibility,
  • physical fitness 
  • ability to work under time pressure, 
  • caution, 
  • divided attention, 
  • honesty, 
  • independence,
  • hard-working,
  • ability to work as part of a team, 
  • logistical skills,
  • good organization,
  • ability to keep things in order.

In addition, a good memory, the ability to do many things at once and good eyesight and hearing are required.

What to write in a warehouseman’s CV?

In this type of job, employers pay particular attention to experience and skills. Write these at the beginning of your document to catch the recruiter’s attention. Describe exactly what you did in your previous job and list it in subsections. Such a professional summary will increase the effectiveness of your CV. Use the following suggestions:

  • I took stock of the warehouse.
  • I maintained order and cleanliness.
  • I controlled the expiry dates of products. 
  • I managed the team and the warehouse.
  • I checked the conformity of the labels with the delivery note.
  • I can manage logistically.
  • I kept the required records, registers, report lists.
  • I have operated a forklift truck.
  • I am a fast learner.
  • I took care of appropriate storage conditions.
  • I checked that the goods received and issued matched the invoices.
  • I have a good physical condition.
  • I received and issued goods.

However, if you have never worked as a warehouseman, focus on your soft skills. Describe your qualities that might be useful for this job.

Advantages of working as a warehouseman

The most important advantage of this job is that it is common and easy to find employment. However, not everyone may be suited to this type of duty. Not convinced this is the job for you? Check out the advantages of working in a warehouse 👇

  • the work is not difficult, does not require complicated things, 
  • possibility to work overtime, 
  • development of hard and soft skills,
  • improvement of fitness, 
  • opportunity to learn about new technologies, 
  • attractive earnings,
  • bonuses, often additional benefits such as Multisport card, private medical care
  • opportunity for promotion, 
  • acquisition of professional experience, 
  • contact with people, 
  • a sense of stability, 
  • flexible working hours, 
  • development opportunities, training,
  • no routine, 
  • independence of action. 

Warehouseman jobs – job offers

How much a warehouseman earns depends on many factors. However, the job itself is not very complicated. If you are looking for a job and want to prove yourself as a warehouseman, write to us! Check out our current job offers as a warehouseman and contact us if you have any questions. By applying, if required – you will be given the opportunity to do an UDT course for forklift operation.

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