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How to save money in 2022? – Anti-inflation guide

Inflation is a word that is currently chilling. Our wages are not getting any better and prices in the shops are going up and up. Most of us are slowly beginning to feel the stress of going to the shops. How do we cope in these difficult times? How do you save money so that you have more of it? Here are ways to put money away effectively 💰

save money

Ways to save money

There are many ways to put money aside. Unfortunately, there is no proven rule for this. Everyone has to find out for themselves what is more convenient for them. You just have to want to, get motivated and make a habit of it. How not to live from 10 to 10? Check out our suggestions on how to save money, so you don’t go crazy 👇

Set a target

If we set ourselves a goal, it will be easier to start putting money away. Our motivation will increase as we pursue our desires. Savings will always come in handy. Even if we have them for a rainy day. With them, we can go on a dream holiday, make renovations or purchase an item that we were not able to buy before.

Motivation is the key to saving money. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and refer to it occasionally. Remind yourself what you’re going to spend your savings on and you’ll definitely be able to achieve it.

Make a shopping list

Often when we go to the shop, we put together a shopping list in our head. Unfortunately, there are times when we are tempted to spend extra. Surely, it has happened to you to buy something you were not supposed to put in your basket at all. Shops, through their knowledge of consumer psychology, know how to encourage spending. Shop layouts, promotions and discounts tempt us every day. How do you deal with this?

Make a shopping list on a piece of paper! This will help you to be self-controlled and limit yourself to only the products on the list. We know it’s difficult, but over time you’ll see that it’s very helpful. Developing a habit like this will save you from reckless spending and time. Group things into categories, so you’re not searching all over the shop.

Save your expenses

Work out your income and expenditure. A budget plan will put them into perspective for you. You will see exactly how much you are spending each month. You may find the reason where your money is running away the most and start to manage it better.

Start your list with those most important expenses, i.e.: accommodation fees, food, necessary items. Put entertainment and other extra costs at the end. You may be surprised at how much money you spend on unnecessary little things.

Don’t go into a shop hungry

The smell of fresh rolls and bread at the beginning of the shop activates our taste buds. The sight of so much delicious food only increases our hunger, making us buy more. Try to go shopping with a full stomach.

A person, when hungry, suddenly craves for everything, you certainly know it 😉 We then buy not only unnecessary products, but also more processed, unhealthy ones. For our own health and wallet, let’s take care of our level of fullness before shopping.

Plan your meals

Creating a meal plan for the week will allow you to plan your shopping and therefore your spending. The less frequent you are in the shop, the more money you save! Good organisation has long been proven to help you shop wisely.

Once a week, sit down and work out what you will eat on future days. Start by checking your fridge, you may be inspired by ingredients you already have. Check the use-by date, this will help you avoid wasting food. Thoughtful shopping will also help you adjust your diet and choose the right nutrition.


The old, traditional way to save is to keep a piggy bank. You can do this in several ways. Buy a piggy bank or put money away in a jar. Start with small amounts. Get rid of all the change you have in your wallet. Later, when you have made a habit of putting money in there, gradually increase the amounts. If you have a problem with this, start by throwing in every fifth zloty. After a month, you will see that you have managed to save a few tens of zlotys.

save money

Envelope method

Another way to put money away more effectively is the now popular envelope method. You hear a lot about it on social media. This is another way to help you take care of your spending. How do you save money using the envelope method?

The advantage for people who pay with cash is that it is easier for them to save. Card payments are quick and convenient. However, we cannot then see exactly how much money we are spending.

The envelope method will be ideal for people who like to pay with cash. All you need to do is buy some envelopes and label them with a marker. Divide them into categories such as:

  • accommodation charges (rent),
  • bills (utilities, subscriptions),
  • fuel
  • food and drink,
  • pleasure (entertainment).

Set your budget and put the amounts you have planned into envelopes after payday. What is left over will be your savings. You can also look for ready-made budget planners or buy colorful folders. They will remind you to divide up your expenses.

50/30/20 rule

If you’re struggling with how to save money, try the 50/30/20 method. This is a popular rule of thumb that helps us save money. It means that you should put aside 20 per cent of your salary every month. 50 per cent is for fixed expenses, i.e. rent, food, and 30 per cent is for occasional expenses. The amount depends individually on how much you earn. This rule of thumb is indicative; we may be able to put away a little more or a little less money. 

Smart shopping

How to save money when shopping? – Look for promotions and bargains, but don’t overdo it. This is a good way to go if you have a choice close to you. Driving half a city away because something is a few pennies cheaper is a waste of time. Compare for yourself the products that your favourite shops offer you. Sometimes a different product – one that is not discounted – may turn out to be cheaper than the one on promotion. This is a common marketing trick. Also check the expiry date, if it is short – the price may also be lower.

save money

Save systematically

Unsure how to save money? Nothing works as well as saving money on a regular basis. If you have a big expense planned, start putting money away early. Set a specific amount you are prepared to spend on it. Regularity will help you get into the habit.

Apps to help you save money

If you don’t like traditional forms like a piece of paper or a piggy bank – you can plan your spending with the savings apps available. You usually carry your phone with you, you can easily control your money in it. How do you save money with apps?

  • Wallet – an electronic wallet. It is synchronised with your bank and allocates your spending to the appropriate categories. This allows you to see how much you spend and on what.
  • Listonic – helps you create a shopping list. The app also suggests the most frequently chosen products and sorts them by category.
  • Twisto – breaks down your spending and shows you what you spend the most on. The app also offers a cashback option and delayed payments of up to 45 days.
  • Payback – with this you collect points that you can later use on your purchases.
  • Ceneo – a well-known price and product comparison engine. There you will find reviews, product descriptions and prices in various shops.
  • Qpony – you will find there all kinds of promotions, discount codes, advertising newspapers.
  • Ale rabat – is a Google plug-in that shows you discount codes automatically as you add something to your basket.
  • Fuelio – an app to find cheap petrol stations.
  • To good to go – an app to prevent food waste. It allows you to buy more cheaply and help the planet.
  • Mr Paragon – you can store all your receipts and control your spending.

Buy used things and sell old things

You certainly have a lot of old clothes in your wardrobe. Give them a new life or swap them with someone! This way you will spend less money and get rid of unnecessary things.

The same goes for furniture. Want to make changes to your surroundings? Apps such as OLX or Vinted will help you spend less.

Savings account

If you want your money to lie in the bank and slowly put itself away – you can open a savings account. Compare different banks and their offers, in order to choose the best one. If you don’t know how to go about it, take expert advice.

How to save money on household bills

Spending on fees and bills is something that eats up the most money from our wallets. What can you do to pay as little as possible for them? How do you save money on household bills?

Pay your bills without delay

Every late payment means accruing interest. Heating and electricity bills, they go up all the time. You certainly don’t want to pay even more for them.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

Replace your old incandescent bulbs with energy-saving or led bulbs. They consume up to 80% less electricity. They are a little more expensive than ordinary ones, but they will save you some money on your bills.

Save on water

Analyse your water consumption. This is so obvious to us that sometimes we don’t pay attention to it. A good solution is to buy a dishwasher, which uses about three times less water than washing by hand. 

Saving money is a difficult but useful skill in life. It allows us to accumulate a large amount of money, which will be useful for making our dreams come true. In a time of rising inflation, extra funds will always come in handy. It is not only our desires that are important, but also our security. Savings are security for the future. Don’t give in to inflation. Try each of these methods and find one that is right for you!

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