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Seniority – how to count it?

Seniority is a concept that every full-time employee should know. In our article you will learn what seniority is and how to count it.

Seniority consists of the total amount of time worked, which is important in determining an employee’s eligibility. It can be used to determine the number of vacation days to which a person is entitled, how many years of work remain before retirement, and to determine eligibility for severance pay or jubilee bonuses. So it is worth keeping an eye on and accounting for all periods of employment so that you do not lose your privileges.

Seniority how to count

Seniority affects, among other things, vacation entitlement, additional notice entitlement, pension entitlement, jubilee award entitlement and severance pay entitlement. Depending on the type of entitlement you wish to obtain, you will need to complete all the necessary formalities. Remember that it is the employee, not the employer, who has to prove his/her seniority, so it is worth knowing how to calculate your seniority and gather the necessary documents.

Periods counted as seniority:

  • the time for which the court has awarded wages to a reinstated employee if the employee has resumed work;
  • the time of active and professional military service;
  • the period by which the term of notice was shortened if the employee was dismissed for reasons attributable to the employer and for which the employee received compensation;
  • time spent in doctoral studies – but not more than 4 years and subject to obtaining a doctoral degree;
  • the period of running an individual farm or working in such a farm;
  • period of work abroad for a foreign employer (properly documented);
  • the time of receiving unemployment benefits or starosta’s scholarship for the unemployed.

Does college also count as seniority?

The period of study also counts as seniority. A university diploma counts as 8 years of work. If an employee simultaneously studied and worked full-time, either the period of study or the period of employment is counted as seniority. The option that is most beneficial to the employee is chosen. After the completion of higher education, the person is not entitled to the maximum leave of 26 days until two years later. It should also be noted that the first degree, i.e. 3 years of higher education, is already considered as higher education.

Seniority and time off

Currently in Polish labor law vacation leave is calculated only on the basis of years worked. The seniority calculator is extremely simple in this regard. An employee with at least 10 years of service is entitled to 26 vacation days, and those working less than 10 years have 20 vacation days available.

Minimum length of service for retirement

The minimum length of service for retirement differs for both genders. The same is true for retirement age. Achieving both of these conditions is necessary to receive a pension payment:

Retirement Eligibility Seniority:
  • men – min. 25 years
  • women – min. 22 years
Minimum Retirement Age:
  • men – 65 years
  • women – 60 years

Calculating seniority based on experience can be a time-consuming process. If you know the basic criteria, this should not be a major problem. When in doubt, use a seniority calculator to accurately estimate the number of years you have worked.

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