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How do you find a job? 10 valuable tips

A job is not only a source of income, but also a source of personal development and security.  Sometimes we look for it because we have been made redundant or because we want to change something in our lives. Looking for a job can sometimes take a very long time. There are usually many applicants for a given position. There are plenty of opportunities to speed up the process. You just need to follow a few tips. How do you find a job? How do you prepare for it? See for yourself 🤓👇.


How do you find a job? Get ready!

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There are many offers on the market and no one is speaking to you? Perhaps you are not looking for a good job at all. You should prepare yourself well for a job search. Not only your competences are important, but also your CV and how much you show your interest in the job.

Create a new CV

A clear, coherent CV is the first step to getting attention. Often a personalised CV for a particular job has a better chance than generic ones. Create several versions of this document so that the recruiter sees that it is made for a specific company. If you don’t know how to write a CV and what competencies to include in it check out our blog post.

Cover letter

A cover letter is a document in which you write about why you are the one who should be in the position. It is not compulsory, but it is worth including in your application documents. Often this step is overlooked, but it might be the one that makes you stand out! Write in it the specifics and benefits you will bring to your employer. Don’t copy data from your CV, show your human face in it.

A well-written cover letter can be the key to standing out. However, you should create it for a specific application. You will then show that you care about the position. Remember that it is a mistake to create a generic cover letter for every job. A recruiter will pick up on this very quickly and you could miss out on a new job.


There are many courses and training courses on the internet to help you gain new skills. As well as paid ones, you can also find free ones. Courses subsidised by the European Union that give you the opportunity to obtain a certificate are now popular. It is worth taking advantage of these as they can increase your chances of getting a new job. This is also a good option for people who want to change jobs or test their suitability for a particular specialisation.

If you are unsure about courses and training, try learning on your own. Today’s access to knowledge is easy, you just need to reach for it. Many people or companies are happy to share their skills online. You should look for it in educational articles, YouTube videos or social media.

Be on social media 

Existing on social networks is an important step to building your personal brand. They allow you to shape your image as an expert on popular portals. You are then visible to employers and your employability increases. Social media brings people from all over the world together in one place. You can use it to network, maintain relationships with people and search for jobs. A business portal is LinkedIn, which is a resource for employers as well as employees. You can create a CV there and showcase your achievements and competences. The platform remembers what you browse and sends you job offers.

Facebook or Instagram is also a good way to look for work. You can also promote yourself and your skills there. Build an image as a professional person who has knowledge in a particular industry. 

how do you find a job

Check employer reviews

There are many job offers on the market, some of them scam. To save time, on focusing on insecure job offers, it is a good idea to read employer reviews. In the age of the internet, it is not difficult to find information about a particular company. Before you send in your application documents, check whether the job is worth your interest. Suspicious offers can extract personal or bank account details from you. This is very dangerous and you could lose all your money.

If you find a job ad that doesn’t say what kind of company you’ll be working for and what exactly you’ll be doing there – that’s a sign that something is wrong. Be careful, because the internet is filled with fake job offers.

Sign up for an internship or apprenticeship

Instead of a break in employment, try offering companies your free help, in exchange for education. It’s a good idea to kick-start your career, rebrand yourself or simply gain new experience. It’s worth building your CV, gaining new contacts and knowledge – all of which can help you find a job.

Where to find work

If you are wondering how to find a job, start with the internet. This is the main source people reach for when looking for a job. There are a number of search engines that bring together various job listings. The most popular of these are:

  • Olx

Thematic groups about work

There are many job search groups on Facebook. You can find both general and sector-specific job offers there. All you have to do is enter a phrase in the search: how to find a job, a job and the city you live in, e.g. job Katowice, job Sosnowiec or simply job Silesia. There is also a “Job offers” tab, which is very popular. It is possible to send your application directly through it.

Apply by e-mail

If you have specific skills and want to work in a particular industry, create a database of these companies. Search for workplaces in your city where you would like to work and email them. Just maybe someone is looking for employees. Even if the companies aren’t looking for anyone, they might keep you in mind for future recruitments.

Employment agencies

If you’ve tried everything and still don’t know how to find a job – try applying to the professionals. An employment agency is a good idea on how to find a job. It acts as an intermediary between the company making the demand and the people looking for work. Pay attention to trusted agencies, many companies want to make money in this way, from dishonest work. Check the employment agency, through the National Register of Employment Agencies portal. The register is run by government entities, so the information therein is verified.

What is it like to work with an agency?

Employment agencies are looking for employees on a daily basis. They are keen for you to find a job. If you apply, they will present you with current offers. The first step will be a conversation about what kind of work you would like to do. If you are interested in something, the next step will be a recruitment interview with a member of the agency staff to see if you are suitable. In case the job does not require a lot of experience, it will end at this stage. The final step will be to sign a contract, which is usually with the agency rather than the company you will be working for.

Why is an employment agency a good solution?

An employment agency is a plus for people who don’t know how to find a job. In such companies, recruiters care about making you happy. With them you can find a job easily and quickly. They will help you fill in your documents and prepare you for the job interview. They will support and advise you. They will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience. If you are looking for a job, check out our current vacancies. If you have any questions, we are happy to help 😊.

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