What is the National Register of Employment Agencies?

In Poland, in order to operate a job placement business, it must be registered in a special register. This is a top-down requirement that every temporary employment agency must meet. What is the KRAZ – or National Register of Employment Agencies?


national register of employment agencies

National Register of Employment Agencies – what is it?

The activity of job placement, counselling and career guidance is a legally regulated activity. This law is regulated by the Act of 6 March 2018. – Entrepreneurs’ Law (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1292). This means that a legal employment agency must be registered in the relevant database, which is the National Register of Employment Agencies (KRAZ for short).

Thanks to it, employment agencies in Poland can be verified for legality. It contains the agency’s most important data, such as NIP number, contact details (telephone, e-mail), registered office address and date of entry into the register. Thanks to this, we can check how long a given employment agency has existed on the market.

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Who can be included in the National Register of Employment Agencies

Persons who are entrepreneurs and plan to run an employment agency,
Institutions that do not run a business: local governments, colleges, universities, associations, foundations, social and professional organisations.
Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open an employment agency in Poland. They will be treated in the same way as Polish entrepreneurs.
Foreign entrepreneurs who want to open a branch in Poland of an already existing employment agency.
Foreign entrepreneurs from: European Union and non-EU Economic Areas (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).

National Register of Employment Agencies

Who keeps the National Register of Employment Agencies?

The National Register of Employment Agencies is kept by the Marshals of the provinces. It is up to them to decide whether to make an entry. They issue a special certificate which gives the possibility to run an employment agency.

Entry in the Register of Employment Agencies

The service of registration in the Register of Employment Agencies can be carried out:

  • electronically (via the government portal: https://stor.praca.gov.pl/portal/#/kraz)
  • stationary at the Provincial Office or the Provincial Labour Office.
    When you submit your application stationary and it is accepted, the Provincial Office itself will enter you in the KRAZ within 7 days. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the application, which will include the details:
  • the date of receipt and the date the application was processed
  • contact details for the office
  • information on your right of appeal
    The Provincial Office will assess whether it can enter you in the register of employment agencies.

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Refusal of registration in the National Register of Employment Agencies

You may be refused entry to the register if you do not meet the following conditions. This will take place if:

  • You have a criminal record.
  • You are in arrears with taxes, social security, health insurance, the Labour Fund, the Guaranteed
  • Employee Benefits Fund and the Bridging Pension Fund.
  • You have declared bankruptcy or liquidation of your company.
  • You have received a ruling prohibiting you from operating your business.
  • You ran a company that was in breach of the agency rules and was discharged from the KRAZ (3 years prior to the application).

What does an entry in the KRAZ entitle you to?

Once you are registered as an employment agency, you can provide services such as:

Job placement:

  • source employees for employers,
  • help people find jobs in Poland and abroad,
  • collect and distribute job advertisements,
  • inform candidates about the current situation on the labour market,
    provide information to employers about job candidates.

Personnel consultancy:

  • carry out employment analysis for employers, determine the qualifications and aptitude of employees,
  • screen job applicants for suitability for a specific position,
  • inform about methods of acquiring candidates.

Career guidance:

  • assist with job selection,
  • provide education, vocational and labour market advice,
  • assist employers in selecting candidates.
National Register of Employment Agencies

Eurokadra – Legal employment agency

If you want to use our services, check our entry in the Register of Employment Agencies. We are a legal employment agency that has been in business for over 10 years. We focus on full professionalism and take care of your position on the labour market. We support employers by finding them employees with the right qualifications. We deal with:

  • job placement
  • recruitment of temporary and permanent jobs
  • legalisation of stay
  • legalisation of employment of foreigners in Poland

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