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Production job

Production job – why?

Production job. When reviewing job vacancies, you will notice that many companies are looking for production workers. Working in production can mean different responsibilities. Or even simply depending on the business itself, a different job. However, any such offer can be very rewarding. The earnings in production can be attractive and the responsibilities are usually fixed and not complicated. What is worth knowing about this type of work?

production job

Production job can be an interesting work experience. A production worker is part of a whole team. He or she participates in the product development process from the beginning to the end. His or her duties usually involve shift work. When choosing this type of manual work, there are a variety of positions. Most often one starts as a production worker. However, after some time you can be promoted to a higher position, such as machine operator or forklift driver.

Production plants can be a good place to work for people who want to develop professionally. Because employees have a direct impact on the creation of the product, they can easily see the results of their work. It is also a good opportunity to learn new skills and broaden their qualifications.

Is working in production difficult?

Manufacturing companies are involved in the production of different types of products and equipment. This means that when we work physically, we do the work on the production line or operate a particular machine that makes the products. So you could say, production work is physical work that requires manual skills. In the case of operating machines, you need to have special licences or receive training from a company to work with them. However, the work is actually based on conscientious performance of duties. In itself, it is not complicated, but it can be monotonous.

Among the duties of such a job we can distinguish:

  • placing goods on the production line,
  • removing goods from the production line,
  • adding items to the goods on the production line,
  • labelling of goods,
  • packaging of goods.

It may also happen that one person in a position performs one activity and another person performs another activity. However, the responsibilities are fixed and clear. All tasks must be carried out in accordance with the company’s procedure, as well as in compliance with health and safety regulations. It is worth remembering that such a job also offers the possibility of being promoted to a higher position, as well as obtaining new qualifications and increasing one’s professional competence.

How much does a production worker earn?

It depends. In Poland, according to statistical surveys, the average salary of production line operators is PLN 4,200 gross. However, as many as one-quarter of employees declare a salary of more than PLN 5,000 gross. Of course, there are also companies that can offer the lowest wages at the beginning. This may depend, among other things, on work experience or qualifications.

Contrary to appearances, production employees have the possibility to achieve professional promotion. Most often this is a vertical promotion, i.e. to a direct position upwards. And this means a higher salary. Many employers provide opportunities for their employees to increase their professional qualifications such as obtaining a UDT forklift licence. Additional qualifications mean the possibility of a change of job position and therefore also of salary.

Production job certainly requires availability. It is also good to remember that working in a production facility also involves working weekends and holidays, which is also billed in a more favourable way for the employee. In many companies, it is also possible to work overtime, and this is also financially rewarded in an appropriate manner.

To summarise – in addition to the basic salary, production workers are most often entitled to bonuses. These may include bonuses for good performance at work and for lack of absenteeism. Workers are most often employed on employment contracts. Companies often offer production workers opportunities for development and advancement.

Very often, people with no experience in their profession are sent to various courses to improve their skills before starting work. In addition, companies offer private health care and sports cards. As most of the companies in question are located on the outskirts of cities, employees are often offered reimbursement of commuting costs or a special bus is provided to take employees from the city to work and back.

Where to look for production job?

The best place to look for a new job is an employment agency. An employment agency always has the latest job vacancies to offer a job seeker. By choosing an agency, time is therefore not wasted browsing through the offers and checking whether they are still valid. In addition, the employment agency always vets both employers and employees. You can therefore be sure that the companies using an employment agency to employ new people are reliable employers.

A big advantage of looking for a job through an employment agency is also that you receive tailored offers to your candidate profile. The agency simply offers us offers for which we meet the requirements and can therefore count on being employed. On the other hand, the job offers in question also meet our requirements, so that we can count on offers on the labour market that are individually tailored to our expectations and possibilities, and thus more easily get the job we want.

One of such employment agencies is the Temporary Employment Agency Eurokadra. They offer many job offers. One of the most popular is precisely work in production. You can check the latest job offers on our website Production job and engineering.

It is important to remember that production job is quite a specific occupation. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Certainly, it is considered to be monotonous and repetitive in a sense, because every day we perform the same activity. This can lead to burnout. Many people wonder if the work is hard. It all really depends on the establishment.

An employee working in a production facility should be available. As a rule, he or she will spend several hours standing. People working on the conveyor belt usually work in shifts, which disrupts the biological clock.

The advantage of this kind of work is that employers do not have high expectations. They are mainly concerned with conscientious, hard-working, disciplined employees. A willingness to work shifts and manual skills are usually sufficient. Moreover, the duties of production workers are not complicated and can also be performed by people with a disability certificate.

For whom would a production job be suitable?

A lot of hands are usually needed in production, so people with no experience but who are willing and motivated to work and who quickly learn a new trade are also important here. To work as a manual worker, no education is necessary. Taking up a position and coping with it depends on a degree of determination, as well as motivation, manual skills, physical ability and, in part, mental toughness. Production workers with experience are likely to find a job faster and earn more than those who first have to be introduced to the duties.

Regardless of what the work is like in a particular factory, the employee is required to comply with health and safety rules. He or she is also required to be familiar with production guidelines and specifications. Failure to do so may result in the production of a defective product that does not meet quality standards.

No matter what position you hold in a production facility, this is physical work. It is important to remember that in order to perform it, you should be in good health, fit and physically strong. As you can easily see, this industry has been dominated by men. As time goes by, you will notice more women in production. Ladies who undertake such duties will without any difficulty find the right job advertisements in a place that does not require a lot of physical strength.

Characteristics of a production worker:

  • readiness to work
  • availability
  • experience
  • conscientiousness
  • hard-working
  • ability to work as part of a team.

A licence to operate machinery or other equipment is an advantage. Particularly when it comes to forklift licences, for example. For other positions such as production engineer or production manager – a university degree will be required.

Working conditions at the production facility

Depending on the company, conditions on production can vary. As a rule production job takes place in a specially designated production hall. This is a large building with located machinery or an entire production line. Most halls are heated, sometimes even (though rarely) air-conditioned. Most production facilities try to avoid downtime. Therefore, work takes place 7 days a week in shifts. The most common are 3 shifts or even a 4-brigade system. This is not a profession for people who are interested in working Monday to Friday in an 8-hour system.

The optimisation of work in industry also means that most people working as a production operator perform a fairly narrow range of duties. Therefore, it is common to work in one position, which can be somewhat tiring.

A production line operator usually performs his or her duties at an assembly line, where tasks have to be completed at specific time intervals. Tasks are quite repetitive and you have to fit in the allotted time, so attentiveness, accuracy and speed are valued in such positions. The employee must also be resistant to monotonous work. The advantages of this type of work include clear responsibilities, a contract of employment and, when working for large companies, also a wide range of non-wage benefits.

Is it worth working in a production job?

Definitely for many people, it will be a good job offer. The work is not demanding and we will be trained to do the tasks we perform. For many people, the fact that the scope is fixed and nothing at work will surprise us the next day will also be a huge plus. In many companies it is shift work, which is worth considering. However, the range of responsibilities and the pay can be a really attractive perk of production job.