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Which employment agency to choose?

An employment agency helps us to find temporary or permanent work quickly and efficiently. We don’t have to waste time looking for jobs, because a reliable employment agency will do it for us. What does a recruitment agency do? Is it worth using an employment agency? Which employment agency should I choose?

Which employment agency to choose?

What does an employment agency do?

An employment agency, also known as an employment agency, recruitment agency or placement agency, is an institution that acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers. It is often concerned with temporary work, but many employment agencies also have permanent job offers. It is an institution that is very popular because it finds jobs and job candidates quickly.

An employment agency carries out business activities that are regulated as: career counselling, temporary work, job placement, professional placement. Depending on what exactly the employment agency does (specialisation of the employment agency), it can perform different services. Examples of services:

  • provides assistance to individuals in obtaining suitable employment and to employers who are looking for employees
  • sourcing and making available job vacancies
  • legalises employment, helps with obtaining residence cards for foreigners
  • assists workers in finding accommodation, provides transport to work and medical care
  • carries out recruitment and selection of potential job candidates
  • carries out foreign recruitment
  • provides training, courses
  • conducts employment analyses for employers, determines employees’ qualifications, predispositions and other characteristics necessary for work
  • provides assistance to employers in the selection of suitable candidates for specific job positions
  • provides career guidance on careers, employment, labour market, etc.
Which employment agency to choose?

Is it worth looking for a job through a recruitment agency?

An employment agency provides staff for employers and job offers for unemployed people. In this way, we do not have to waste our time or our effort in searching on our own. The best recruitment agency offers its services quickly and efficiently so that each party is satisfied. It often has access to a wide range of jobs (as well as candidates), including positions that are looking for immediate employment. The employment agency is obliged to have premises where people willing to work or contractors can report to. This makes it easier to make direct contact and use their services. It is also possible to contact an employment agency online or by phone, on each agency’s website or on social media you can find current job vacancies that you can apply for straight away.

Recruitment agencies help you find temporary and permanent jobs. Thanks to them, you can find a side job and a job for a student, as well as for any person who needs to find employment quickly. It is worth using their services if you are looking for a job or want to increase your chances of finding employment. Another reason that influences why you should use an employment agency is the fact that it gives you support at every step of your employment. We may not be familiar with the current labour market or the Labour Code, and the agency will help us with this. This will ensure that all employment is done legally.

Which employment agency should I choose?

The choice of an employment agency should start by checking whether the agency appears in the National Register of Employment Agencies. This is a database thanks to which it is possible to check employment agencies in Poland for legality. The legality of the employment agency should be the basis of your choice. An entry in the register shows the approach of the employment agency – that it operates in accordance with the law. It is also worth verifying the recruitment agency in terms of the conditions they offer. You need to check that the contract is consistent with what is communicated to you in advance. Check carefully that its name and contract details match the information in the register.

Not sure how to choose an employment agency? Do an overview of all the employment agencies in your area. Find out what job vacancies they have and if there is anything that interests you. See if the employment agency is operating legally and if it is on the above register. It’s also worth checking the agency’s reviews, but there’s no need to go 100% by them either. Also bear in mind that each employment agency has its own specialisations. The employer may be geared towards recruiting workers of other nationalities, so you should apply where you fit. This will make our job search process shorter as we will selectively choose employment agencies.

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Myths about employment agencies

There are many myths about employment agencies. These are misinformation that can mislead jobseekers or employers. One of the most common myths is the belief that using an employment agency is expensive and unprofitable. In reality, an employment agency should not charge for finding a job or arranging a job interview. It may, however, charge fees for obtaining documents such as a residence card, etc. Another myth is the belief that employment agencies only offer temporary and low-paid jobs. In reality, these agencies may have access to a wide variety of job opportunities, including permanent and well-paid positions. There is also a perception that employment agencies do not care about the interests of workers and only treat them as a source of profit. In reality, a good employment agency focuses on the satisfaction of both employees and employers, ensuring a good fit and long-term relationship between the two.

Professional employment agency in Poland

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The value of an employment agency in the labour market is very high, as it plays an important role in mediating between job candidates and employers. The choice of an employment agency will always be strongly individual, but it is worth bearing in mind that it operates legally. The best employment agency should be characterised by an individual approach to each candidate and support in employment. The activities of the employment agency should comply with labour legislation and be focused on candidate and client satisfaction.