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Work for a student – what does employment look like, what do you need to know?

Working for a student is not only a way to earn money, but also a challenge that requires flexibility, organization and the ability to manage time. It is worth knowing the key aspects related to student work in order to succeed both at the university and on the labor market. What does a student look like in employment law? Are employers willing to hire students? Work for a student – what are the possibilities? What is a popular job for students? Seasonal work for a student – how to find it? Read the article below! 🙂

Work for a student


Labor law – student

To obtain student status, you must attend first-cycle, second-cycle or long-cycle studies. The Labor Code does not consider a student:

  • persons over 26 years of age,
  • persons who have been struck off the list of students,
  • people who are postgraduate or doctoral students,
  • persons who have passed the diploma examination.

Employment of a student on a mandate contract

A contract of mandate for a student is the most frequently chosen type of employment. This form is the most beneficial for the employer and the employee. In the case of persons under the age of 26, the employer does not have to pay ZUS contributions. This means that the gross amount for the student is the net amount. After reaching this age, even despite the student status, such a person must be compulsorily covered by insurance on general terms.

Employment of a student on an employment contract

Employing a student under an employment contract looks a bit different than in the case of a contract of mandate. From the employee’s point of view, it is the most advantageous form of employment, because it gives the greatest stability. For a student, it is not necessarily the best choice. This is because social security contributions and tax are paid. This means that the student’s salary on the employment contract will be lower than in the case of a mandate contract, where everything goes straight into the employee’s pocket.

Employment of a student on an employment contract

Employing a student under an employment contract looks a bit different than in the case of a contract of mandate. From the employee’s point of view, it is the most advantageous form of employment, because it gives the greatest stability. For a student, it is not necessarily the best choice. This is because social security contributions and tax are paid. This means that the student’s salary on the employment contract will be lower than in the case of a mandate contract, where everything goes straight into the employee’s pocket.

A student employed under an employment contract is subject to the provisions of the Labor Code. This means that he is entitled to the minimum wage, as well as the right to holiday, parental and maternity leave as well as paid sick leave and protection against dismissal.

What is the national minimum for a student in 2023?

In 2023, the national minimum was changed twice. Currently, from July 1, 2023, the lowest national rate is PLN 3,600 gross, and the lowest hourly rate is PLN 23.50 gross.

Work for a student

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Work for a student – why is it worth it?

Working for a student offers many benefits that translate into personal and professional development. It not only provides a stable source of income, but also helps you gain valuable skills and experience that will be invaluable in your future career. First job for a student – why is it worth a try?

  • Financial independence – student work allows you to gain financial independence, which gives you the opportunity to cover your own expenses, tuition fees or daily needs, without having to be completely dependent on your family.
  • Developing skills – work allows you to develop both hard skills related to a specific professional field and soft interpersonal skills that are important in all aspects of life.
  • Building professional experience – you can gain practical experience in the industry in which you plan to work in the future. This is valuable because graduates with experience have a better chance of finding a better job after graduation.
  • Organization of time – student work requires effective time management, which is extremely useful during an intensive period of studying at the university.
  • Networking – Through student work, you can make valuable contacts with employers and people in the industry, which can be crucial when looking for employment after graduation.
  • Increased Motivation and Focus – Work can help increase motivation to learn and improve concentration skills as students learn to manage their time effectively and achieve goals.
  • Developing flexibility – student work requires the ability to adapt to different situations and a flexible approach, which translates into greater readiness to deal with life’s challenges.
  • Strengthening the CV – working for a student on a CV adds value and distinguishes the candidate from other graduates without work experience.

Popular work for students

Student jobs vary by location, available jobs, skills and preferences. At first, you can find a job for a student for the summer, and then try to look for something for the rest of the year. It is also worth finding a paid internship for a student that will help in gaining valuable work experience in a specific field. The best job for a student is one that will be flexible and help you adjust the schedule to the classes at the university. What are the popular jobs for students in Poland?

  • Work in gastronomy – waiter, bartender, barista, fast-food employee. Gastronomy offers flexible working hours, often in the evenings and weekends, which fits the schedule of students.
  • Babysitting – Working with children, whether as a nanny, daycare provider or activities organizer for children, is often popular with students with a penchant for working with the younger ones.
  • Work at the university – universities often offer jobs for students, such as an assistant in lectures, in the library, help in the office or organizing student events.
  • Promotions and marketing — companies often look for students to conduct promotional campaigns, distribute leaflets or handle marketing events.
  • Retail work – Salesman in stores, especially in shopping malls, where service at different times is often needed.
  • Foreign language translator – students who know two or more languages can undertake translations, both written and oral.
  • Tutoring – Students with good knowledge in specific subjects can tutor other students.
  • Freelancing and online jobs — For people with programming, graphic design, writing, or marketing skills, remote work can be an interesting option.
  • Work in the area of customer service – work in a call center, operating online stores, or the customer service department in various companies.
  • Animal care – looking after animals, walking dogs.
work for a student

Holiday work – where can you work?

Wondering how to earn extra money while studying? There are many possibilities! Companies offer work to students from various industries and sectors of the economy. Student employment is becoming more and more popular in many companies due to the numerous benefits that result from both companies and students themselves. Summer job for students – where can you work?

  • Work in tourism – work as a tourist guide, animator in a hotel, customer service in a travel agency, or assistance in travel agencies.
  • Seasonal work in gastronomy – waiter, bartender, kitchen help in restaurants or cafes, especially in tourist destinations.
  • Work at camps and colonies – a guardian at summer camps for children, a sports instructor or an animator.
  • Work in hotels and resorts – receptionist, cleaner, pool attendant, gardener.
  • Physical work – help with picking fruit or vegetables, construction work, gardening.
  • Work as a foreign language translator – useful for students with good knowledge of foreign languages.
  • Work in shopping centers – work as a salesperson, sales promoter or cashier.
  • Work at parties and events – work as a hostess, cloakroom employee, mass events service person, or event manager.
  • Animal care jobs – looking after animals, walking dogs, or caring for pets for people going on vacation.
  • Remote work for a student – for people with specific skills, but not only. You can get employed by filling out surveys, as a forum moderator, customer advisor, writing comments, etc.

Seasonal work for a student – what to look for?

The most important thing to pay attention to is legal work. Each employment relationship should be drawn up on the basis of a contract that defines specific work rules and is evidence in the event of irregularities. It should also be remembered that every job should be paid, even for a trial day. It is also worth reading each contract carefully. It happens that if it is a casual job for a student, some employers may want to use a young employee who does not know everything yet. It is advisable to carefully check the rate specified in the contract, hours to be worked, payment date and possible penalties for not coming to work.

work for a student

Where to look for job offers for students?

You don’t know where to look for a job for a student? Searching for job offers for students can be easier than it seems, especially thanks to the availability of various sources of information on the Internet. Work for students summer, professional job for students – where to look for job offers?

  • Job fairs for students – these are events organized at universities or other places where companies and institutions have the opportunity to present their job offers, internships or apprenticeship programs for students. Job fairs are an excellent opportunity to directly contact potential employers, establish relationships, and sometimes even hold short recruitment interviews or go to company presentations. Participation in job fairs can significantly increase the chances of finding interesting offers in line with the profile of studies.
  • Universities – many universities have career offices that offer support in finding work for students. There you can get information about current job offers, apprenticeships or internships. Posters and advertisements with job offers for students can often be found at the university. It is worth paying attention to the announcements posted on bulletin boards or in the vicinity of cafes and libraries.
  • Employment agencies – offer the opportunity to find temporary work in various sectors. Students can use the services of agencies that hire employees for short-term projects or replacements in companies. Temporary work can be an attractive option for students who are looking for flexible solutions and also want to gain a variety of professional experience.
  • Social Media – There are many groups and pages dedicated to job opportunities on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, including for students. Search for groups related to your city or university and join them.
  • Internet portals with job offers – there are many dedicated portals with job offers for students. These include popular sites such as Indeed, Pracuj, OLX Praca, Jooble, or GoldenLine.
  • Internet search engines: In addition to dedicated job portals, it is worth using Internet search engines and entering specific terms related to offers for students, such as “jobs for students holidays”, “jobs for students summer season”, etc.
  • Personal connections and referrals: Often the best job offers for students come from referrals from friends, family or faculty. Therefore, it is worth talking to others to find out about potential job opportunities.
  • Local places – sometimes it’s worth going through the city to look for job offers. In places where there are many restaurants, bars or ice cream parlors, employers often post cards that they are looking for someone to work.
  • Employment office – plays a key role in helping people looking for employment. Students who want to work during the summer or after graduation can take advantage of a variety of services offered by Labor Offices.

There are many opportunities to find a job for a student. Employers willingly employ students because of the many benefits of employing young people in their positions. The first professional experience for a student is very important, thanks to it, new competences and experience are acquired and one looks better in the eyes of future employers.

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