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If you dream of a job that will give you independence, professional satisfaction and the chance to grow, then working as a Freelance Recruiter is perfect for you! Join us today and open the door to exciting new career opportunities.

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Eurokadra is a modern employment agency based in Katowice, Poland. Our company has gained recognition in the market by developing its own unique business model based on mutual trust, ethics and full commitment to the work we do. Our goals always correspond closely with those of our clients, so the primary goal of Eurokadra is to build long-term and fruitful relationships with both clients and employees.

Eurokadra – is an experienced partner in the HR industry.
Working with Eurokadra is not just about finding the perfect employee or the perfect job – it’s a unique experience that allows us to build lasting relationships with our clients and employees. We strive to ensure that every step of our cooperation is based on mutual respect, openness and transparency.


This is the job for you if:

  • you value independence and self-reliance in action knowing that the most important thing is the results
  • you are focused on achieving high results
  • You want to develop your personal brand or are already doing so

What do you gain by joining the team?

  • flexible employment
  • attractive remuneration for each recruited person
  • flexible working hours
  • variety of projects you work on

How to join us?

  • Send the application you will find at the bottom of the page – you can do it right now!
  • Wait for contact from our manager 🙂
  • You will find the course of the whole process below 😉

If you want to learn more about our company you can take a look at these links:

Benefits of working with us as a Recruiter - Freelancer

Independence and flexibility

As a Freelancer Recruiter, you have full control over your time and place of work. You can organize your day according to your preferences, work from home, a coffee shop or from any corner of the world. You are the one who sets the schedule, which allows you to balance your professional and private life.

No rigid structures

As a Freelancer Recruiter, you don’t have to be subject to rigid hierarchies and bureaucracy. This allows you more freedom to make decisions and act according to your values.

Diversity of projects

Working as a Freelance Recruiter, you don’t have to be stuck in one pattern. You can work for different clients, industries and in different positions. This diversity is an opportunity for continuous development, learning new skills and expanding your knowledge.

Personal branding

As a Freelancer Recruiter, you build your personal brand in the industry. By proving your skills, experience and effectiveness, you gain the trust of clients and attract new projects without having to actively look for work.

Attractive earnings

You are billed according to the number of people recruited. So your salary and its amount depend only on the number of people recruited for the project.


Being a Freelance Recruiter allows you to pursue your own passions and career ambitions. You can choose projects that interest you, which makes the work more rewarding and inspiring. This form of work provides many opportunities to meet fascinating people and gain unique experiences. You will have the chance to work with a variety of people and deepen your knowledge of different industries and market trends.

Recruitment process


Sending an application

Send us your application – via the form at the bottom of this page


Phone call

The recruiter will call you to interview and schedule an appointment to answer all your questions about the job offer.



Online or on-site meeting

We will invite you for a short interview and practical tests to verify your suitability for the position.


Decision on cooperation

We will forward it to you within 7 working days after the meeting





After receiving a positive decision, we determine from when we start our cooperation later you catch the wind in your sails and move into action


    1. Candidate details

    2. If you do not have a resume as an attachment, you can provide key information about yourself here.

    3. Additional information

    How did you hear about our offer?

    Do you have questions? Call or send a message.

    We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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