Job offers - food

Job offers - food

Catering is one of the industries where you don’t have to worry about finding a job. There is a demand for both seasonal workers and those who are already qualified and experienced to take up permanent employment.  Jobs in this industry seem to be attractive especially for students during the vacations and throughout the academic year. Working during the vacations, you can earn some money, gain some experience and maybe even catch the bug for the future?

Although on the surface of work in the catering industry seems to be easy and pleasant, unfortunately it is an industry that requires a high level of availability, work is several hours a day. Often under stress due to time pressure.  This industry you either love or treat transiently, just like young people. The most popular jobs in this industry are cook and waiter. Pastry chefs are also highly valued and in demand.  You also need to be aware of Sunday and holiday work. If you are a cook or waiter so-called breakfast, then many times it requires getting up at a very early morning.  On the other hand if you are working with banquets you have to be aware of working also during the night hours. Below you will find a brief description of the main jobs.

Who is a cook?

A chef is responsible for preparing food, drinks and desserts from available products. It is the duty of the employee to follow exactly the standards and recipes. He/she should also take care of the hygiene of the workplace.
The cook should be well organized and resistant to stress. He/she must have a dynamic approach to the assigned task. It is also required to have a sharp sense of taste and smell. Today’s chefs are often true enthusiasts of their work. Their dishes create even works of culinary art.



Who is a waiter?

Waiter is an extremely demanding and creative profession. A qualified waiter should have comprehensive knowledge of gastronomy, have unusual divisibility of attention, patience and ease of communication with people.
The waiter represents the restaurant and it is on his shoulders that the contact with the guest rests and he takes care of the image of the establishment. Working as a waiter can be a passion which can be developed in such fields as bartender, barista, sommelier.
On the labor market this is an extremely sought-after profession, especially in the era of the pandemic, as a result of which qualified waiters retrained for other branches of the economy. Today, waiters are in high demand and employers often hire people with no experience and undertake their training, knowing the reality of the market after the situation with covid-19.



Working in food service is a booming industry, and the occupation of waiter and cook is at the top of the list among the most popular offers. Communicating with guests, developing good manners and learning about the specifics of this profession are a lot of fun. Moreover, close contact with the kitchen and trying new dishes makes life more enjoyable every day. The whole catering environment creates a friendly atmosphere, which is essential in any job.  Also, don’t forget about tips, which, depending on the reputation of the restaurant, can exceed the base salary. On top of that, working in a cafe or restaurant can usually be easily combined with studying. This is possible due to flexible working hours. Working in catering, you will definitely overcome your fear of communicating with people, learn the rules of etiquette, etc; You will show not only technical skills, but also creativity and artistry.

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