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Cyber Monday, Black Friday 2022 – is it worth it?

Sometimes, there are new holidays in Poland that stay with us for longer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become one of them. Shopping fans go crazy about it. Does Cyber Monday, Black Friday 2022 pay off?

black friday 2022

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when you will find numerous sales in shops. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This includes stationary shops and online shops. Usually, it is on this day that we hunt for bargains to buy Christmas presents more cheaply.

The history of Black Friday

Black Friday originated at the beginning of the 21st century and came to us from the United States. Discounts there sometimes reach up to 70%! For many shops, this day is the most profitable of the year. The term Black Friday is explained in many ways. The term was probably first used in Philadelphia in 1961. The police named the day this because of the increased traffic, huge traffic jams and crowds in the shops.

When is Black Friday 2022 in Poland?

Black Friday in Poland is celebrated on the last day of November. This year Black Friday 2022 it falls on 25 November. Shops often extend this day, creating Black Week or Black Weekend.

Does Black Friday 2022 pay off?

The most important question we ask ourselves is whether the big discounts on Black Friday 2022 are profitable? Actually, it all depends on the shops. We can see that the most common items included in the promotion are rtv products, white goods, cosmetics, clothes, books, toys and perfumes. All these categories are things that we often give as Christmas presents. In the shops we can count on extra freebies for products, 3-in-1 promotional sets, free delivery. Often there is a counter on the websites to remind us that Black Friday is approaching.

In 2021, the average price cuts on Black Friday were 3.6 per cent, and 60 per cent of shops did not change their prices during this time. In Poland, we will certainly not find such reductions as in America. Shops cut prices on the entire range or on selected products. Discounts usually range from 20 to even 60 per cent. However, the promotions are not always as attractive as we would like. Shops often raise prices before Black Friday, only to lower them later under the guise of a promotion. It is best to compare prices with other shops. There are many comparison sites on the internet that will help us average out the price. This will help us avoid buying something at the regular price. Many shops of course do real promotions, but we have to be careful.  We should also remember that not every promotion is a good bargain. Often red, eye-catching messages draw us in and the product is only discounted by a few pennies. Let’s check prices carefully, so we don’t get ripped off on Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday 2022 and Inflation

Prices in Poland are rising and inflation is the highest in 25 years. According to figures from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) in October, inflation stood at 17.9%. At the beginning of next year, it is expected to rise as high as 20%. This is an opportunity for shops, which take advantage of this fact and encourage consumers to buy on promotion.

Interest in Black Friday 2022 is a little different to the previous year. The SMSPI survey showed that Poles have mixed feelings about Black Friday.  Some shoppers have concerns about shopping through inflation and high prices. However, the other part thinks that the upcoming Black Friday will be an opportunity to buy products at good prices. As many as 40.5% of respondents think they will avoid high increases on their Christmas shopping thanks to Black Friday promotions. 27.0% of respondents are of the opinion that promotions on this day will not change anything, as it will still be expensive. What categories are people most interested in?

  • Clothing and footwear (74.8%)
  • Consumer electronics (53%)
  • Cosmetics (48.6%)
  • Household appliances (43.5%)
  • Toys (29.8%)
  • Other (4.3%)


The T pay brand took a look at e-tailers this year and asked what their plans are for Black Friday. The changes may not please shoppers. Expect no free delivery (50%), smaller price cuts (33%), shorter promotion times (17%). The majority of respondents believe that a 30% price cut will dominate this year.

Meanwhile, the position of Cyber Monday improved, as 60% of retailers announced the introduction of discounts during 25-28 November. Unfortunately, but one in three retailers assured that promotions would be lower than in previous years.


Cyber Monday 2022

Another holiday immediately following Black Friday is Cyber Monday. It falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. This year it will be 28 November. It is the same holiday as Black Friday, but applies to online shops. This is also when we are inundated with advertisements about price cuts.

The slogan Cyber Monday was first used in 2005. The holiday came to us, like Black Friday, from the United States. In Poland, it appeared a little later, having become famous in 2016. We do not have to waste time standing in queues, we can order products from websites. However, we need to remember that big bargains flee quickly. 

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, Black Friday 2022 scams 

Holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday are good opportunities for scammers. We need to be careful that scammers do not encourage us to click on fake messages. On these days, scammers impersonate well-known brands of shops, banks in order to defraud us of our money and data. This is very dangerous because in a short while we can lose everything we have in our account. This is a large-scale problem and banks are trying to fight it, but it is difficult. The most important thing is to:

  • Do not click on suspicious links
  • Do not give out personal data, passwords 
  • Check that you are on the right website of the provider

Once you have fallen victim to cybercriminals, you should quickly contact the relevant services.

These two days are very important for all shops. It is a good opportunity for shoppers to fish out great promotions, but also a warning against swindlers. Let’s not fall for fake discounts. Let’s compare prices at other shops. Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2022 is a good time for scammers, let’s be careful!

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