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Childbirth Allowance – how to get it and who is entitled to it?

At the time of the birth of a child, parents often reflect on the financial challenges that this beautiful but demanding period brings. In this context, there is a baby benefit, i.e. a benefit aimed at mitigating the initial costs related to caring for a newborn family member. Who can get a barrel? When is not entitled to a barrel? How much is barrel? How to calculate the income for childbirth allowance? How long do you wait for barrels? Medical certificate for baby – who issues it?

Childbirth Allowance


What is childbirth allowance 2023, who can receive?

Childbirth allowance is a one-time financial assistance from the State for the birth of a live child.

Who can get barrels?

  • parent of a newborn baby,
  • legal guardian of the child (the person to whom the court entrusted the right to care for the child),
  • actual guardian of the child (the person who took custody of the child and applied to the court for adoption),
  • a person who is a Polish citizen and lives in Poland.

In the case of foreigners, the foreigner must meet at least ONE condition:

  • live in Poland
  • be a citizen of another European Union country,
  • be a citizen of a country outside the EU, but only if their country has signed an agreement with Poland on social security, which provides for the right to benefit in Poland. The list of countries can be found on the government website
  • have a permanent residence permit
  • have a long-term resident’s EU residence permit
  • have a temporary residence permit in connection with work in a profession that requires high qualifications
  • have a temporary residence permit – because another EU country has granted them a long-term resident’s EU residence permit and intends to: work, run their own business, start or continue studies or vocational training in Poland.
  • have refugee status or subsidiary protection
  • have a residence card with the annotation “access to the labor market”.

You must meet ALL of the following conditions in order to receive a voucher:

  • income per person may not exceed PLN 1,922 net.
  • the child’s mother was under medical care from at least the 10th week of pregnancy until delivery.

What documents are needed to obtain a baby card?

In order to receive a baby card, it must be documented that the mother has been under medical care since at least the 10th week of pregnancy, i.e. visited health care facilities and underwent specialist outpatient services. Medical visits should take place at least once in each trimester of pregnancy.

Basic documents needed to obtain a baby license in 2023:

  • application for assistance for the parents of a newborn child
  • photocopy of parents’ identity documents (can be an ID card or passport)
  • abridged copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • a document that confirms the amount of income (from the Tax Office)
  • a statement that you haven’t downloaded the baby one yet
  • pregnancy card, which documents that the woman took care of the pregnancy by attending medical check-ups.

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childbirth allowance

Medical certificate for baby – who issues it?

You should ask your doctor who is in charge of your pregnancy for a one-off benefit. The certificate can be issued by a doctor or midwife. The state requires proof of medical care to encourage women to regularly check themselves and monitor their pregnancy.

How much is the bonus payment?

A one-off child benefit is payable for the birth of a live child, and its amount is PLN 1,000 per child.

How long do you wait for barrels?

If the application for childbirth allowance is submitted before the 10th day of the month, the money from the childbirth allowance should appear in a maximum of 3 weeks. If this is done later, the money will appear in the next month.

A one-time grant is available to persons who have submitted an application. This should be done within 12 months of the child’s birth. The same is true in the case of adopting a child or taking care of it.

What to do in the event of refusal of the baby?

When the office refuses to pay the benefit, you should go to the local government appeals board and file an appeal there. You have 14 working days from receipt of the decision. Filing an appeal is free.

Who won’t get a barrel? When is not entitled to a barrel?

Financial assistance is not available:

  • persons who are entitled to a benefit abroad on account of the birth of a child,
  • for a single parent, a maintenance benefit has not been established for a given child from its parent on the basis of an enforceable title issued or approved by the court, unless: the parents or one of the parents are dead, the child’s father is unknown, an action to establish a maintenance benefit from the other parent was dismissed, the Court decided that one of the parents was to cover all expenses related to the maintenance of the child and did not impose the maintenance obligation on the other parent for that child, According to the decision issued by the court, the custody of the child is inherited between both parents at equivalent and recurring time intervals.

Additional barrels

It is possible to obtain an additional baby allowance, but not everyone will be entitled to it.

  • communal baby benefits – some communes offer additional support for parents. It is worth checking whether there are local government becicles in your town. The conditions for obtaining it may vary depending on the municipality.
  • double childbirth allowance – this is an allowance for parents whose family income per person does not exceed PLN 539 per month or PLN 623 for families with a disabled child. Then you get 2000 zlotys.
childbirth allowance

How to calculate the income for childbirth allowance?

In order to calculate the family income, the income of all family members obtained in a given year should be summed up.

Income includes:

  • earnings from employment contracts and mandate contracts
  • scholarships
  • business income
  • income from agricultural activity
  • rental income

The amount received must be divided by the number of family members, even the youngest.

Application for childbirth allowance – how to submit?

You can apply for a becicle at the City Hall. For this, you need the child’s PESEL number, which must be obtained at the registry office. It may take up to 30 days for the PESEL to be issued.

What should be included in the application for barrels?

  • city, date of application
  • name and address of the authority to which the document is submitted
  • data of the person who submits the application (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • birth data
  • details of all family members
  • body to which health contributions are paid
  • data related to family income, such as alimony, allowance
  • Bank account number
  • signature

You can also apply for child benefits online on the government website.