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CV photo – what should it look like?

It would seem that creating a simple photo for a CV should not be a problem. Just take the camera, take a few shots and choose the one that suits you best. However, in reality the matter is not so simple. A CV photo is important and can have an impact on the first impression we make on a potential employer. What should be the perfect CV photo? Why should you add a photo to your CV? What photo should I add to my CV? Professional CV photo – what should it be? What to avoid when choosing a photo for a CV?

CV photo


Professional CV photo – what should it be?

You don’t know what photo to choose for your CV?

A professional CV photo plays an important role in the recruitment process. This is the first element that a potential employer will see, so it is worth taking care of the right appearance. The perfect photo should be neat, up-to-date, and present you in a professional light.

Avoid party photos or recreational situations. It is important to look serious on it. Try to keep a neutral facial expression and avoid heavy makeup or extravagant hairstyles. The background of the photo should be uniform and our face should be clearly visible.

Please note that you should attach a good quality photo to your CV. The quality of the photo is extremely important because it allows you to see more. It must be clear and show only the head and shoulders or the body from the waist up. Adding full body photos doesn’t make sense for such a small size.

The photo should be neither too small nor too large. The standard size of a CV photo is approx. 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

A good resume photo should match the position you are applying for. If you want to work as an accountant or recruiter, you need to take a professional photo. When you apply for a position related to culture or art, e.g. for the position of a graphic designer, interior decorator or event organizer, you can afford a looser form.

Try to look natural, do not make any strange faces or pouches. You can smile slightly. Look serious, but not stiff. Attach a business photo to your CV, rather avoid taking selfies. It’s hard to take a professional selfie because it’s usually associated with social media.

Photo for CV how to dress?

It is worth paying attention to your appearance. You should look neat in the photo, without disheveled hair or too much, untidy stubble. Dress is also important. It’s true that you can’t see the whole outfit in the photo, but you can learn a lot from it. Depending on the type of work, styling can be more or less formal. Avoid too large cleavage, exposed shoulders, extravagant stylizations with flashy colors.

There are many possibilities of attire for a CV photo, it can be a jacket, jacket or shirt. It’s best to go with something traditional.

It is forbidden to take a photo in a tracksuit or party clothes. These are the outfits that should not be included in the CV photo.

If you wear glasses, you don’t have to take them off. A photo with glasses is completely normal, after all, this is your everyday look.

What gives a professional profile picture in a CV?

There is no obligation to add a photo to your curriculum vitae, unless the employer requires it in their job advertisement. Most, however, include them in their application document. A professionally taken photo will attract attention and help you get an invitation to an interview.

A curriculum vitae photo can positively influence the first impression an employer or recruiter will have of a candidate. What are the benefits of a professional CV photo?

  • Professionalism – A neat and professional looking portrait on a CV may indicate that the candidate takes his application seriously and cares about his image.
  • Memorability – A professional photo can make your resume more memorable to the recruiter in the crowd of other documents.
  • Impression of personal identity – a photo allows you to assign personal information to a specific person, which can make the document more readable and consistent.
  • Build trust – A good quality photo can help build a sense of trust and a positive impression of the candidate.
  • Gaining attention – Employers often go through many resumes in a short amount of time, and a profile picture can grab their attention, encouraging them to read the resume further.

Does a CV have to have a photo? Of course not. There are no top-down requirements anywhere, but it is worth adding them, e.g. by the above benefits.

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When does a photo matter?

Sometimes it may be necessary to include a photo on your CV due to the type of job you are applying for. When is a CV important?

Image industry – In some industries, such as fashion, PR, media, arts and entertainment, image and presence are very important. Then adding a professional photo to your resume can make a positive first impression.

Working with the client – In occupations that involve contact with customers, media or company representatives, it may be beneficial to include a photo to show your presence and communication skills.

The employer explicitly requests a photo – if the recruitment clearly requires a photo to be attached, it is worth complying with this request so as not to exclude yourself from the recruitment process at the outset.

How to take a photo for your CV yourself?

Ideally, the photo should be taken with a camera, but not everyone has such equipment. A photo for a CV with a phone can sometimes come out incorrectly, too exposed or blurred. So it’s great if he takes good quality photos. Even if you don’t have a super good camera on your smartphone, you can always edit a photo in a program that will improve its quality.

Place the phone at the right height, use a support, preferably a tripod, to make the photo straight and symmetrical. You can take a picture with the front camera, it will be easier for you to arrange yourself, because you will see yourself on a regular basis. Activate the self-timer or use the remote control to release the shutter. It will be easier for you to pose for a photo. Remember to choose the right, uniform light. Also pay attention to the light in the room where you are taking the photo. It is best to choose daylight, but avoid too much sun. Photos may then come out overexposed.

Pay attention to your pose. Look into the lens to make eye contact. Your face can be straight or slightly sideways.

Can I add a selfie photo to my resume?

It is not recommended to add a selfie to your CV as it may look unprofessional and inappropriate in the context of recruitment. A selfie photo can have many imperfections that are not acceptable in formal recruitment documents. So it’s worth thinking about professional photography for your CV. It is better to attach a business photo.

Sample photo for your CV

Don’t know what a CV photo should look like? See the examples below

Correct CV photos:

CV photo 3

Incorrect CV photos:

CV photo 4

Is a CV photo necessary? NO. And is it worth adding them? Yes! If you are wondering whether to choose a CV with or without a photo, it is better to choose the first option. The photo shows our presence and professionalism. It is a visual representation of our professional identity that can influence the first impression an employer or recruiter has of us. Through a properly taken photo, we can convey a lot of information about our approach to work and interpersonal skills. All you need is a photo of your face that is taken against a suitable background, in an elegant outfit and of good quality. It’s worth it to have a current photo in your CV neatly done.