10 min czytania 8 March 2022

Funding from PFRON – how to get it?

Many entrepreneurs take advantage of various types of government assistance and other forms of support. They usually concern hiring employees, traineeships, paid internships and employing people with disabilities. In the last of these areas an excellent solution is funding from PFRON. In our article we will tell you how to take advantage of such financial aid.

Funding from PFRON hot to get it?


PFRON is a fund established to enable subsidies for the rehabilitation of disabled people. It is also responsible for carrying out related tasks for people with disabilities. The fund operates on the basis of the Act on social and vocational rehabilitation and employment of disabled people.

A disabled person is a person whose physical, mental or psychological condition permanently or periodically hinders, restricts or prevents him or her from fulfilling social roles, and in particular restricts the ability to perform professional work.

When hiring a disabled employee, the employer may apply for a monthly salary subsidy. It does not matter how many disabled employees we have or whether we are a sheltered workshop. However, several conditions must be met.
If the employer has up to 25 employees, they must employ at least 6% disabled persons. Small businesses (less than 25 employees) do not have to meet this requirement. There are also employers who do not qualify for funding despite employing disabled workers.

Not every disabled employee will receive funds from PFRON. Certain conditions must be met in order to receive them. What matters is the type of contract concluded with the employee. The degree of disability and the date on which the employee received their disability certificate are important. There are several requirements, but it is worth knowing them in order to easily start receiving subsidies from PFRON.


First, the employer hires the employee, and after the first salary is paid, the employer files a claim for benefits. Such application must be submitted in each month for which he wants to receive benefits. If the organization intends to apply for PFRON funds for salary subsidies, it submits a Wn-D application with attachments. In the case of a disabled entrepreneur he submits to PFRON a Wn-U-G application together with attachments.

Since the end of 2014, regulations have been in place defining PFRON as a legal entity with a board of directors and a supervisory board. The legal personality will allow the Fund to maintain a strong and stable financial management system. Under the amendment, the Fund has been partially exempted from corporate income tax. This exemption applies to statutory purposes, with the exception of funds transferred to conduct business activities.