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A good employment agency – what are its features?

A good employment agency is not only an intermediary in finding a job, but also a partner who helps in discovering professional development opportunities. What exactly does an employment agency do? What does the employment agency offer? What features does a good employment agency have?

good employment agency

Employment agency – what does it do?

Employment agencies, also known as temporary employment agencies, are intermediaries between employers and employees. Their main task is to find suitable jobs for candidates through recruitment.

By cooperating with an employment agency, you can benefit from professional help in finding a job. Employment agencies also take care of formalities related to employment, allowing employees to focus on performing their tasks. For many employees, employment agencies provide the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and permanent or temporary work.

What services does the employment agency provide?

Employment agencies are specialized companies that provide a variety of services related primarily to job search and other areas related to the labor market.

Most employment agencies offer similar services. It all depends on what type of employee recruitment they conduct. What services can an employment agency provide?

  • employment/recruitment (employing temporary and permanent employees),
  • career counseling
  • vocational training
  • legalization of employment
  • headhunting (recruitment of specialists)
good employment agency

What features should a good employment agency have?

A good employment agency should have several important features to effectively fulfill its role and satisfy both employers and employees. When is an agency good? What features should a good employment agency have? What to pay attention to?

  • Legality and compliance with regulations – this is the basis that every employment agency should meet. Legality is evidenced by the entry in the National Register of Employment Agencies (KRAZ) and the manner in which the employment agency employs. Please remember that additional fees should not be charged, e.g. for finding a job or being invited to a job interview. A legal employment agency should comply with labor law standards and regulations, including standards regarding employment contracts, remuneration, working time and others.
  • Experience and reputation – a reliable employment agency should have appropriate experience in the industry. You can also check how long a given company exists in KRAZ. The longer a company has been operating on the market, the more experience it has. By choosing an employment agency with more experience, we are more certain that it is a good employment agency.
  • Understanding the needs of candidates – a good employment agency should be able to adapt to the individual needs of its candidates in order to be able to provide job offers tailored to the preferences and skills of people willing to work.
  • A wide range of services – a professional employment agency should offer a variety of services, such as recruitment, candidate selection, employee outsourcing and personnel consulting. Covering various areas allows us to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  • Efficient recruitment of employees – the agency should conduct effective recruitment processes, ensuring quick and effective placement of the employee on the labor market.
  • Availability of various job offers – a good employment agency should offer a variety of employment offers, so that the employee can choose from different industries and positions according to his or her own skills, experience and preferences.
  • Good working conditions – the employment agency should ensure that the employment conditions offered, including remuneration, benefits and other benefits, are attractive and in line with market standards.
  • Support in professional development – the right employment agency can offer training programs, professional development and access to various projects and positions, which allows the employee to develop their skills.
  • Transparency of contracts – contracts concluded with an employment agency should be transparent, precise and contain all relevant information regarding employment, including the contract period, rate, etc.
  • Effective problem solving – the agency should be ready to quickly and effectively solve problems, both those related to employment and possible disputes or conflict situations.
good employment agency

Professional employment agency

We are a professional employment agency that provides recruitment services. We have been operating on the temporary employment market for over 10 years.

We deal with:

  • employing foreign workers (employees from Ukraine, Asia, South America, etc.)
  • legalization of foreigners (we help in setting up a residence card, etc.)
  • employing temporary and permanent employees
  • employee leasing
  • HR and payroll services
  • process outsourcing

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