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How does an employment agency work?

Employment agencies are institutions that play a key role in intermediating between employers and job seekers. They act as a bridge connecting job offers with the right candidates. How do employment agencies function and what benefits do they bring to both parties? How does an employment agency work? How to check if an employment agency is trustworthy? What does the employment agency offer? What are the benefits for an employee of cooperation with an employment agency? What to watch out for when choosing a temporary employment agency?

How does an employment agency work


What is an employment agency and how does it work?

An employment agency, also known as an employment agency or temporary employment agency, is a company or institution that provides services related to the recruitment and employment of employees for other companies, called clients. Employment agencies act as an intermediary between employers and employees, helping both parties to find appropriate employment solutions.

The activity of the employment agency is based on building a database of potential employees and searching for job offers from clients. Employers report their needs for employees with specific skills and experience, and agencies try to find suitable candidates who meet the client’s requirements.

Job agency offer

A professional employment agency not only offers recruitment of employees, but also other additional services. The offer of an employment agency varies depending on who it is addressed to.

Employment agency services for employers

  • employee leasing
  • process outsourcing
  • HR and payroll services
  • assistance in employing foreigners
  • recruitment and selection

Employment agency services for employees

  • legal employment
  • recruitment and consulting services
  • temporary job
  • personal/career counselling
  • flexible forms of employment

What is the cooperation with a temporary employment agency like?

Employment agencies work on two sides. They offer jobs and employees for many companies.

Cooperation with a temporary employment agency differs depending on the role we play in this process – whether we are a candidate looking for a job or an employer looking for an employee.

For job seekers:

  • Registration and Verification – The first step is usually to register with an employment agency. We will need to provide our CV, fill out a questionnaire about our skills, experience and job preferences.
  • Presentation of job offers – after verifying our profile, the agency will present us with job offers corresponding to our qualifications. We will have the opportunity to choose from the available positions.
  • Job interview – the agency may conduct an interview to better understand our skills and career preferences.
  • Temporary or permanent employment – when we are selected for a given position, the agency will formally employ us, and we will be delegated to work for the agency’s client for a definite or indefinite period.
  • Remuneration and benefits – the agency will pay us remuneration for work, and may also offer additional benefits, such as health insurance or training programs.

For clients looking for employees:

  • Consultation and Needs Analysis – Employers discuss their employee requirements with the agency. This includes both qualifications and expectations regarding working time and length of employment.
  • Presentation of candidates – the agency presents selected candidates who meet the requirements of the employer.
  • Selection of the candidate – the employer has the option of choosing from the presented candidates and decides whom he would like to hire.
  • Temporary employment – the selected candidate is formally hired by the agency, and the agency delegates him to work for the client for a fixed or indefinite period.
  • Support in personnel management – the agency deals with administration related to temporary employment, including payroll, benefits, as well as possible changes in employment.

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How does an employment agency work?

What kind of employees cannot be hired by a temporary employment agency?

The temporary employment agency has certain restrictions on the employment of certain employees. A temporary worker cannot do every job. Which employees cannot be employed for temporary work?

  • Employees under the age of 18
  • Undocumented Workers – Employment agencies are required to comply with immigration laws and may not hire individuals who are not legally resident and working in the country.
  • Persons without the appropriate qualifications and authorizations needed in a given industry – Agencies should ensure that the employees they employ meet the appropriate qualification requirements and skills needed to perform the job in a given position.
  • Persons excluded from work on the basis of court decisions or employment law – employment agencies may not employ people who have been excluded from certain positions or industries on the basis of court decisions or the law.
  • Persons with health limitations – Agencies must consider the ability of workers to perform their work safely and efficiently.

What jobs cannot be used for temporary workers?

Particularly dangerous works: construction works, works at heights, repair and assembly works, works with the use of hazardous materials, works in closed rooms such as ducts, interiors of technical devices.

Why do companies use the services of employment agencies?

The operation of an employment agency is a huge benefit for companies that are looking for employees. What are the benefits of cooperation with an employment agency for employers?

  • Reduction of recruitment time – employment agencies have access to an extensive database of potential candidates, which allows for faster and more effective finding of suitable employees. Thanks to this, companies can fill the missing positions faster, which affects the continuity of business processes.
  • Support in the recruitment process – employment agencies take on most of the duties related to the recruitment process, such as collecting and verifying applications, conducting interviews and checking references. This allows you to relieve employers of the often time-consuming recruitment work.
  • Reduction of recruitment costs – cooperation with an employment agency can help reduce the costs associated with the recruitment process. In many cases, the fees for agency services are lower than the costs of the company’s own recruitment activities.
  • Access to specialist knowledge and experience – Employment agencies often specialize in specific industries or sectors, which allows you to take advantage of their specialist knowledge and experience in recruiting employees with the right competences.
How does an employment agency work?

Is it worth using an employment agency?

Employment through an agency is becoming more and more common. This is because employment agencies have databases of job offers, thanks to which you can easily and quickly find a job. Why is it worth using an employment agency?

  • Access to various job offers – employment agencies have access to many job offers in various fields, which increases the chance of finding the right job.
  • Reducing the time of job search – agencies speed up the recruitment process, allowing you to find a job faster. Thanks to this, we do not waste time looking for offers and applying on our own.
  • Career Support and Advice – Agencies offer support and advice in identifying the best career paths, which can help you find a job that aligns with your skills and career goals.
  • Opportunity to gain experience – temporary work offered by agencies allows you to gain valuable work experience that can be valuable at the beginning of your career or to expand your portfolio of skills.
  • Flexibility in employment – Temporary work can be an attractive option for people looking for flexible employment solutions, for example for students or full-time employees.

Facts and myths about employment agencies

Due to the myths created in the past, many people may have a bad view of employment agencies. Negative opinions are usually very far from reality. Someone didn’t understand something, and that caused a lot of misunderstanding later on. Often people repeat certain opinions and have not even had contact with an employment agency. It is worth checking each such comment to make sure that the person who makes it is competent for it. What are the facts and myths of employment agencies?

Employment Agency Facts and Myths:

  • Myth: Employment agencies only offer low-paid and temporary jobs. Reality: Employment agencies offer a variety of positions, including permanent and well-paid jobs.
  • Myth: Temporary workers are less valuable employees. Reality: Temporary workers have the same skills and qualifications as other workers, and sometimes their flexibility and diversity of experiences are valued by employers.
  • Myth: Using an employment agency is expensive for employees. Reality: In most cases, employment agency services are free for applicants, and agencies charge employers.
  • Myth: Employment agencies are aggressive and dishonest companies. They don’t pay salaries on time, they only hire on junk contracts. Reality: Employment agencies are legally and ethically regulated, and most are honest and professional.
  • Myth: Employment agencies do not care about the interests of employees. Reality: Good employment agencies look after the interests of both employees and employers, trying to find the right match between them.

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How does an employment agency work?

How to check the honesty of an employment agency?

The legality of the agency can be checked using the register of employment agencies: KRAZ – National Register of Employment Agencies. This is a public website where anyone can go and check the honesty of the employment agency. The National Register of Employment Agencies is kept by the Voivodship Marshals. It is up to them to decide whether to make an entry. They issue a special certificate that allows you to run an employment agency.

Employment through an employment agency – summary

  • In Poland, an employment agency can hire many different foreigners from all over the world. Temporary employment agency services often concern the employment of foreigners and arranging for them a legal stay.
  • Employment agencies usually employ on the basis of employment contracts, mandate contracts and temporary employment contracts.
  • Employment agency services may vary depending on the specific organization. Some focus more on attracting foreign employees, others serve specialized industries, and still others look for employees without specific education.
  • Cooperation between the employer and the agency brings many benefits.
  • Employment agency consists in delegating employees to perform temporary work for the user employer (employment agency client).
  • The activity of the employment agency is registered and you can check it yourself. It is necessary to find out whether the agency is operating legally. A legal employment agency is located in the KRAZ system, to which each of us has access. It is worth checking the employment agency so that there are no problems with it in the future.

Employment of temporary workers in Poland is common and dynamically developing. Working through an agency is a very often chosen form of employment, because it saves a lot of time. Employment agencies employ a large number of employees annually and have extensive experience in counseling and all-employment.

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