UDT licences for forklift trucks – how do you get them?

Forklift truck courses are one of the most common training courses. In order to work as a forklift truck operator, you need to obtain a UDT licences – issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. How do you get the certificate, what are the types of UDT categories, what does a UDT forklift course look like? Check below.

UDT licences


UDT licences – what is it?

UDT stands for Urząd Dozoru Technicznego. It is a state institution which takes care of safety when operating technical equipment. It has the right to carry out inspections concerning technical supervision, carry out technical tests and check the qualifications of operators.

The Office of Technical Inspection also issues documents that entitle you to work as a forklift operator. Certificates and certificates confirming UDT licences are extremely important to undertake such work. This is an obligation imposed by Polish law.

What equipment is covered by technical supervision?

Equipment that is subject to technical supervision includes:

  • non-pressurised equipment
  • pressure equipment
  • handling equipment
  • vapour recovery equipment

Types of UDT licences

The Office of Technical Inspection distinguishes between three types of forklift licence categories:

  • III WJO – is the lowest category of forklift truck, which entitles you to operate guided and remote-controlled forklifts. It applies to the following forklift trucks: loading, tractor, lift, lift trucks.
  • II WJO – this is the most common category of forklift truck, excluding specialised ones. With this category it is also possible to operate WJO category III forklifts.
  • I WJO – is the category that gives operators the greatest opportunities, as it authorises the driving of all forklift trucks and specialised forklifts. It also entitles you to operate WJO III and WJO II.

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UDT licences worklift operator

Until when is the UDT licences valid?

Entitlements have different expiry dates depending on the category:

  • WJO category III – valid for 10 years
  • WJO category II – validity period of 10 years
  • WJO category I – 5 years validity period

How long is the wait for the UDT licences?

There can be a wait of up to several weeks for UDT licences. Sometimes, however, it can extend to a month. Most often, however, once you have passed the exam, you will receive your qualification certificate after 14 days.

UDT certification without an exam – is it possible?

Forklift qualifications can be obtained from a workplace that trains employees in forklift operation. It is not necessary to obtain a qualification from a technical supervisory institution if the workplace does such training. The big disadvantage is, unfortunately, that such a course is only valid at the workplace that conducted it. As soon as you change jobs, your qualification certificate becomes invalid.

What opportunities do the UDT qualifications offer?

Successfully passing the UDT exam opens up many opportunities. Passing the UDT forklift qualification entitles you to work in warehouses as a forklift operator. The market for entrepreneurs is increasing year on year, so that the number of jobs is currently high. For the employer, forklift licences are a guarantee that the employee can operate this type of equipment safely. Jobs can be found in almost every industry that operates warehouses. The most common sectors are: electronics manufacturing, food, transport, construction.

UDT licences worklift operator exam

Forklift course – what does it look like?

Working as a forklift operator requires a special certificate. You must be at least 18 years old to take a forklift course. You also need to take a medical examination to confirm that you are in good health. It is important to have good hearing, eyesight, good precision and coordination.

The forklift training consists of two parts – theory and practice. The exam is similarly divided. From the theoretical knowledge, the trainees learn the construction of the forklift, its types, health and safety rules and the operators’ duties. Practically, they learn how to operate it. The qualification certificate is only awarded to those who have successfully passed the examination conducted by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT).

Forklift truck operator jobs

Do you dream of working as a forklift operator? Then get in touch with us! We recruit people with UDT qualifications and without qualification certificates. Workplaces train employees, giving them the opportunity to work. We look forward to meeting you!

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