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What does a forklift course look like?

The ability to operate a forklift is very useful in the warehouse or manufacturing industry. More and more jobs are being created that need skilled people to work. What does a forklift course look like? What are the requirements for taking a forklift course? How much does a forklift course cost? Is the forklift licence unlimited? Who cannot take a forklift course?

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UDT entitlement training

A UDT authorisation is a qualification certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. This institution ensures the safe operation of all technical installations and equipment that are legally subject to technical supervision. Amongst other things, the UDT entitles you to work as a forklift operator, but also to operate other equipment such as:

  • winches, hoists
  • cranes
  • goods hoists
  • mobile lifting platforms

Forklift operator – what does it do?

The responsibilities of a forklift operator include:

  • checking the technical condition of the forklift truck
  • transporting and unloading of goods
  • compiling documentation (log book, repair log, etc.)
  • observing health and safety rules
  • carrying out maintenance work.

Although operating forklifts may seem difficult, it is important to remember that it requires the operator to be very vigilant and responsible. Forklifts are often driven in various types of warehouses where people are also walking around. In addition to being in control of their machine, they have to remain attentive on all sides so as not to run into any warehouseman. Therefore, following health and safety rules in such a place is very important. It is not difficult then to have an accident that can cause damage to health or property. For this reason, the legislation requires the person driving such a vehicle to be duly authorised.

forklift course

What are the requirements for a forklift course?

Anyone can do a forklift course, but you have to meet certain criteria. One of them is that you must be at least 18 years of age (coming of age), you must have at least an elementary school education and you must have a statement from a doctor that you are fit for the job. In some cases, you may need a category B driving licence if the forklift operator drives on public roads. If the trainee does not have such a licence, he or she can only drive the forklift in the building or on the premises of the workplace.

It is also important to remember that you should be in good physical condition to work as a forklift driver. It is mainly a sedentary job, so it can be problematic for people who have back problems or osteoarthritis. It is also a very responsible job and requires good eyesight and attention. People with focus and concentration problems should not undertake forklift operation as they could hurt someone or themselves. It is a good idea to have the ability to judge weight, distance and height, have a sense of balance, good coordination and be able to withstand working in different temperatures.

How do I get a forklift licence?

A forklift course is required to obtain a licence. Many companies train operators to become forklift operators. All you need to do is enrol on the course, pay the examination fee and complete an application form to check your qualifications in the relevant equipment category.

For those who have already experienced forklift driving because they have been trained by their employers, you do not need to enrol in a forklift course, but can go straight to the UDT examination, the date of which can be arranged directly with the branch of the Office of Technical Inspection.

If you have completed the forklift operator training course and passed the exam, you will need to apply for the UDT certificate in order to obtain the UDT certificate.

Forklift truck operator course – how does it go?

A forklift operator course usually consists of several parts. First there must be theoretical classes and then practical classes. In this first part, the future forklift operator will learn:

  • the construction of the forklift truck
  • Health and safety rules
  • how to behave in dangerous situations
  • principles of safe unloading
  • Forklift truck inspection and servicing

The practical part, however, involves learning how to operate a forklift truck, learning how to safely handle, load and lift goods. The aim of the training is also to learn and become certified not only to operate forklift trucks (forklifts), but also for the safe exchange of gas (LPG) cylinders.

forklift course

What is the price of a forklift truck operator course?

The price of a forklift operator course can vary depending on the company providing the training and the province where the training takes place. The price can also depend on the type of forklift licence. There are three main types of forklift categories: III WJO, II WJO, I WJO. The price may also depend on whether the cost of the UDT exam is included, which costs roughly £200-400. The average price of the course itself can vary between £500 and £1,000.

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