10 min czytania 10 May 2022

Temporary employment agency – facts and myths

Temporary employment agency – advantages and disadvantages

Have you ever considered using the services of a temporary employment agency? Maybe the myths that are often repeated have discouraged you from trying? Let us dispel your doubts. We will also introduce you to the benefits of starting cooperation.

Many people looking for a new job are sceptical about working with a temporary employment agency. They definitely prefer to send out CVs on their own rather than use the services of an experienced intermediary. Let us ask ourselves why this is so?

Temporary employment agency - facts and myths

When you don’t know what’s at stake, it’s all about the money.

Most of the myths about the dishonesty of temporary employment agencies are about money. When we read unrealistic content that focuses on the issue of payment, we feel fear. We all want to live with dignity and be well paid. So we prefer to work on our own if it means a more secure income.

Temporary agency employment – myths

It is therefore time that we dispelled the damaging myths once and for all.

Myth No. 1 Low salary. Regardless of whether you browse the job offers yourself or entrust an employment agency with this task, you will come across both better and worse paid positions. Remember that salary expectations are not always achievable exactly in your professional group. However, if you start working with an employment agency, you can be sure that your salary will not be lower than the currently applicable minimum wage.

Myth No. 2 Delayed payments. As a temporary work agency we are subject to numerous inspections by state institutions – ZUS, PIP, US and Voivodeship Labour Office. In case of failure to meet the deadline we are threatened with severe financial penalties. Moreover, we are obliged to pay salaries even if our business partners fail to meet their payments.

Myth No. 3: Commission is deducted from the employee’s salary. An employment agency adds a commission to the salary. It covers the costs of recruitment conducted by us. It is usually specified as a percentage. We want our employees to earn as much as possible. What is more important, the commission is covered by the company employing you – it does not affect your salary.

Our employment agency is not only concerned with combating myths that discourage job seekers. We strive daily to attract new business partners, and spreading misinformation doesn’t make it any easier. We ensure, however, that we provide the companies cooperating with us with services of the highest quality – also ethical.

Advantages of employment through a temporary work agency

Lower recruitment costs. Undoubtedly, finding the perfect employee is costly and takes a lot of time. As a temporary work agency, we make every effort to meet your expectations as quickly as possible. Our priority is to acquire a list of the best specialists in the shortest possible time.

The right candidates. We conduct a thorough recruitment process. We verify potential candidates in terms of relevant qualifications, motivation and soft skills. We believe that thanks to the effort we put in, your company will gain an employee suited to all its needs.

Fast recruitment tailored to your needs. Choosing to cooperate with our company, recruitment expenses decrease. We have at our disposal all the necessary tools supporting effective search for a suitable candidate. Thanks to this, you do not incur costs, even for the publication of advertisements.

Guarantee of safety. We care about the good image of our clients. We maintain full discretion and ethics in our actions. We take responsibility for the candidates recommended by us. We also strive to build relationships based on trust.