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Job application – template, how to write?

When looking for a job, it is a good idea to try to stand out from other applicants. In addition to basic application documents, it is a good idea to submit a job application. This is a slightly different type of document than a covering letter or CV. Perhaps it will convince an employer to accept a given candidate for a given position. How do you write a job application, which template to choose? How do you increase your chances with an employer?

Job application


Job application – what is it?

This is a document that you create regardless of the employer’s requirements. It is created when you want to take up employment despite not being recruited. It is submitted directly to the employer. An application for a job is to show that you are interested in the job.

Job application – is it worth writing?

A application for employment is submitted when you want to take up employment. It can be a good solution for people who have no experience or who want to change jobs. It is also created when you apply for heavily advertised positions. This document shows our interest in a particular company. It is submitted individually, matching skills to the job. This allows you to be remembered in the event of future recruitment. It is therefore worth sending such an application if you are interested in a particular position.

Job application versus cover letter

We send an application if there is no recruitment in progress. We do this independently, of our own free will. In it we have to prove why we want to work there and why we are suitable for the position. It is meant to encourage the hiring employer to look at our CV. A cover letter differs in that it is often required by the employer. It is submitted when there is an active recruitment.

What other differences are there between a job application and a cover letter?

  • In an application for employment, the aim is to ask for employment and in a covering letter to ask to be invited to an interview.
  • A job application should take up max. 1 page of A4, the covering letter can be more elaborate.
  • A job application is less detailed as it is not a response to the requirements from the advertisement.
  • The application should be formal and the cover letter more individual.

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job application

Job application – where do you need to apply?

A job application is often submitted when looking for a job as:

  • teacher
  • nurse
  • policeman
  • firefighter
  • border guard
  • in administration
  • to the hospital
  • to customs offices

What not to write in an application for employment

An application for employment should mainly contain information related to the job. You should not write about your hobbies, unrelated to the job. Do not use the same details as in your CV or covering letter. Duplicating them does not increase your chances of new employment. Look out for correct information and errors – their absence shows professionalism and accuracy. Remember that this is a formal document and should meet certain requirements.

Tips on how to write a job application

  • A job application is a formal letter, so use polite words in it. Use phrases: “I make a request”, “I motivate my request”, “With best regards”, etc.
  • Be specific and to the point.
  • Adapt the content to the audience.
  • Check for spelling mistakes and correctly spelled information.
  • Pay attention to the name of the email, your name is the best idea.
  • Use formal language.
  • Carefully justify why you want the position.
  • Do not write the same thing as in your CV and cover letter.
  • Take care of the aesthetics of the document. Justify the content. Remember to use a clear font, formatting.
Job application 2

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Application for a job without experience

An job application with no experience is a good idea to take on your first job or start your career from scratch. It is ideal to show your motivation and willingness to learn. An application without experience may be more difficult to write because of the lesser extent of the work you have done. It is worth focusing on the future rather than the past. Focus on how you can convince the employer that you are really worthy of the position. Show that, despite your lack of experience, you have a lot of enthusiasm for the job and are willing to learn everything. Include any internships, volunteering, project participation and soft skills in the content. Remember that a application for employment template without experience may look a little different.

What should an application for employment contain?

A job application is a document that should contain the following:

  • town and date
  • forename and surname
  • heading (job application)
  • your contact details (telephone number, e-mail address)
  • details of the company to which you are applying
  • job title
  • content of the document
  • phrases of courtesy
  • explanation of why you want to work there
  • signature
  • information on attachments (CV, letter of motivation)
  • up-to-date RODO clause

Begin with the words: “I am kindly requesting to be considered for a position X at XYZ company”. You can also write: “I am pleased to apply for position X at company XYZ”. In the next stages of your application, describe your skills, experience and approach. Be specific and concise. Do not repeat the same information as in your CV. Below is a sample job application.

Job application template

job application 2 1


An application for employment is a document that you submit to a company when it is not recruiting. Even if the employer is not looking for anyone for a particular position, they may remember us for future vacancies. Therefore, it is worthwhile, when applying, to include, in addition to your CV and a covering letter, just an application for the position.

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